Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megan and Dad

I just found this today and had to post it


Starting Monday the 5th I have been with Megan every single day. I have really enjoyed the time with her. She has been very cute and funny. During this time Megan has a cold and I am doing everything I can to take care of her. This mainly involves using a lot of Vick’s vapor rub. I also set up a pup tent for Megan, so that Megan and I can use a humidifier to help clear her lungs.
I have to say some of the funny stuff that Megan has done lately. While in the put tent Megan lifted herself up my eight of my arm hairs. I don’t think those hairs will ever grow back.
On another occasion Megan was playing with my PS2 controlled robot. I was showing her how to move the robot around by pushing a few buttons. She tried to press one button over and over again but no matter how hard she tried she just didn’t have the strength to push the button all the way down. Finally she gave the button a hard look as she pushed it down with all her might. This sudden look of fierce determination upon hitting the button caused me to burst out a laugh. Megan visibly jumped in my lap. She turned toward me as if to say “Wow! I never knew the button could cause you to make noise.”

Megan has developed a great fascination for laser pointers. This is one of the best 99 cent purchases I have ever made. Megan can be captivated for almost an hour at a time following the laser light. Lasers: for dogs, cats, and children

One time while Megan and I were in the tent with perfuse amounts of Vicks vapor rub, Megan decided she could not take the smell any longer. I had put some vapor rub on Megan’s upper lip that way she could take advantage of it reparatory benefits more readily. Megan was not to have it though; she reached over, grabbed my shirt, and with the palm of her hand wiped the Vicks completely off of her lip and onto my shirt.

Yesterday I purchased a new laser because the old one went dead. Megan still has a great fascination for lasers.