Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obeying Traffic Signs

While I was doing my construction rotation at Beale Air Force Base I had a pretty funny experience. It occurred while I was driving back to the Sacramento Resident Office (SRO). My construction rotation was nearly over so I was training Matt to take over my position so we carpooled to and from Beale. We were talking about various subjects on the way back to Sacramento and somehow got on the subject of traffic signs. I told Matt that traffic signs are suggestions that a person should use their judgement to determine whether or not to follow.

"What about one-way signs? Are those just suggestions?" Matt said in jest. Continuing, "Well I will just go against one-way signs today."
We both laughed. Later on our drive to SRO I saw a sign that depicted an arrow turning right and had 15 mph underneath it, indicating traffic needs to slow to 15 mph to make a safe right hand turn. However, at this intersection it would most definitely not be safe to turn right going 15 mph.
Just after passing the sign I turned to Matt and said, "See, I would not follow that sin back there. That would be dangerous."
"What sign? I didn't see any sign." Matt asked.
"What?!? Your a sign person; how did you miss the sign?"
Matt smiled at this. Then I got excited as I came to the entrance of the Sacramento Resident Office. Because on the gate entrance was a sign stating 45 mph, in a parking lot. I pointed right at the sign, "See Matt, its a good thing I am driving, you could have killed someone obeying that sign." At this moment I could barely contain my laughter. Matt grinned broadly and rolled his eyes, "Well that sign was obviously misplaced."
"That's right, you used your judgement on weather or not to follow that sign." I laughed.