Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Teaching Route

    Here is my home teaching route for the Ashton Park ward I just received this month: Teresa Rosas, Suzanne Selvidge, Stephan Jiu (pronounced: Steve Jew), and Eugene & Laurie Kempter.
    My home teaching companion is Shon Mc Adoo. Shon and I have already seen Steve, and I called and left a message with Eugene. That leaves Teresa and Suzanne. Steve and Eugene are strong members in the ward. In fact, I have worked with Eugene in the past for my responsibility of calling and reminding people to come for building clean up on Saturday mornings. Eugene has the responsibility of cleaning the building every Saturday along with several other people who I have the responsibility of reminding a few days before. The other two people I home teach are less-/non-actives; Teresa and Suzanne. The Elders Quorum president, Trevor Lamb, said that for the less actives one way we could get our foot in the door is through emergency preparedness. We could ask the people we home teach if they want their contact information available to the church in case of emergencies.
    I just went by Teresa and Suzanne's house today. I first went to Teresa's house but, surprisingly, the address does not exist. Next I went to Suzanne's house, which luckily existed, but was not able to talk to her directly. After ringing Suzanne's door bell a gruff looking man came to the door. I asked if Suzanne resided at the residents and was pleased to learn she was but couldn't come down because she was still sleeping. I got her phone number though, and will be calling her to set up a home teaching appointment later today. Today is looking pretty good.