Saturday, August 27, 2011

Megan Pretending with Ponies

            Megan loves ponies, especially My Little Ponies. Not only does Megan love playing the My Little Ponies board game, she also enjoys playing pretend with her pony figures. Megan must have at least a hundred My Little Pony figures, some of which are small. Not tiny, just small enough that you don’t notice them when walking barefoot in the dark and stifle expletives when walking over them. Anyway, all these ponies, big and small, are played with often, in very imaginative ways, by our little girl. One day I came upon Megan playing with two ponies and, with a concerned expression, I asked, “Megan, what are the ponies doing?” “Pony is kissing ponies but,” she said lifting up one and gesturing toward the other. I guess she was learning about body parts that day.

            Due to the annoying names the ponies have, and Megan’s tendency to play and talk with them all the time, a just started creating my own names for them. This started about two months ago when Megan and I were playing with two pink ponies in her room. “My name is Pinky Pie,” Megan said thrusting her pony into my pony’s face, “what’s your name?” “My name is Pink Eye,” I said chuckling. Megan’s sincere response was, “Nice to meet you Pink Eye!”