Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Megan Swimming

Megan loves to swim. Here you are at 28 months swimming!

Megan no longer use arm floaties but still need help and uses a small inner-tube. Just last Sunday we went swimming as a family. Megan and I walk to the pool together from Grandma's house (Lynne). Once at the pool Megan rushes to the water, inner-tube around her waist, and carefully walks down the steps into the water. Megan continues walking down the steps until the water is at her waist and then jumps the rest of the way into the pool. There are three things Megan loves to do in the pool; jumping, spinning, and piggy-backing.

There are two exit stairs on either side of the pool at the 5 foot line that Megan loves climbing up and out of the pool. Once out, she yells to me, "Come'on Daddy!" I then climb out of the pool and we both jump in together. Megan is still learning to plug her noes and forgets most of the time and comes up sputtering. Surprisingly she still gets out and dose it again though.
Although Megan sometimes spins herself in the water she likes to be spun by Daddy more. I grab her legs and spin her around in the water, with her inner-tube on she usually just skims the surface of the water. I also spin her around by grabbing the back of her inner-tube and spinning it around. Megan likes this more.
Sometimes when I swim next to Megan she yells out, "piggy-back!" I then turn around so Megan can grab my  neck and start swimming fast. Megan grabs tightly and yells exclamations of excitement as we swim together. You do so love the water Megan.