Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Megan and the pony game

Megan (daughter) and I love playing board games together. It is probably our favorite indoor activity next to chasing each other around the kitchen partition. Megan started playing games with me when she got her first board game - the Pony Game, as she calls it.

The game includes three pony figures which move from cloud to cloud from start to finish. The pony spinner determines where you go next either to one of three different color clouds or to pick a card. About two months ago when we were playing, Megan flicked the spinner and it went spinning until it landed on the pink cloud, then, as if by magic, it move a little more until it pointed to the blue cloud. Megan saw this and got so excited and exclaimed, "how did that happen?!?" I then showed her there was a hole in the spinner board through which the spinner arrow  was attached by a plastic clip. Then I turned the spinner over and showed her the bottom of the clip which, when moved, also moved the arrow. So by placing my hand underneath the spinner and carefully turning the clip the arrow looked as though it moved on its own. Megan thought this was the best thing ever! She grabbed the spinner from me and repeated my actions over and over again until she could move the arrow without touching it. She yelled out with glee, "How did I do that!?!" Seeing as how she was waiting for my response I said, "I don't know." "I have magic!" Megan then exclaimed.
  So now every time we play the Pony game Megan tries to use magic.