Saturday, August 27, 2011

Megan and Coloring

             Megan loves to color. She has several sets of crayons, boxes of markers, and a bucket of colored chalk, along with a truckload of coloring books. Megan loves coloring, but loves coloring more with daddy. One day I got bored coloring with crayons in one of her Color-Me Sesamestreet books; so I started drawing angry eyes on all of the Sasamestreet characters. “Why is Elmo angry?” Megan asks the first time I drew them. To which I responded, “Because it’s funny.” Apparently Megan thought so too, so now she draws angry eyes in a lot of her coloring books.
After Megan and I are done riding our bikes we usually draw on the driveway with coloring chalk. Megan draws lots of colored blobs and I write out math equations, and explain to Megan what they are. One day Megan was using more colors than usually and I was writing out math equations and describing them to Megan. I wrote out 1 + 1 = 2, and told Megan that one plus one equals two, to which Megan rolled her eyes and responded, “No, Daddy.  That is not how you do it.” Megan then tightened her grip on several different colored chalk and made a big arc on the asphalt while exclaiming, “This is how you draw a rainbow!”