Sunday, August 21, 2011

Megan on her Tricycle

This morning I got to ride with Megan on her tricycle around the block. Megan loves to ride her tricycle, so we usually go riding almost every day. Once Megan puts her shoes on, we are out the door and heading for our bikes. I help Megan buckle her helmet, then we get on our bikes and are off. Megan has a small tricycle and I ride my 15 speed bicycle. Because there are no sidewalks, we bike in the rode. I watch for cars and mostly ride in small circles to not get too far ahead of Megan. Megan focuses on the manholes, asphalt cracks, trees, grass and anything except pedaling.
Megan is now getting much better at focusing on pedaling. She can go pretty fast now and can even make it over the speed bump near our house. Every now and then Megan gets stuck and calls out, "I'm have'n little trouble here." I slowly pedal up next to her and, with my foot, give her tricycle a gentle push. "Weeeee!" Meagan yells, followed by a "Thank you, Daddy." Megan is going so fast on her tricycle now, it won't be long until she can ride a regular bike with training wheels. She was so excited to hear she would get a bike like daddy's, she tried to get on my bike. "I ride daddy's bike," she exclaims racing toward it. I stop her with my hand, "The tire on my bike is larger than you are, kiddo." It looks like I will have to upgrade Megan's tricycle pretty soon.