Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lost Work Bag

    On Thursday, August 18th I accidently left my work bag on light-rail. It happened during the worst day too. That morning I couldn't put my bike on the bus, because the bike racks were full. The bus driver did let me take my bike on the bus, which was nice, but that meant I had to hold it in place the entire ride. Next, I got into an argument at work with a colleague. After work, I went to the usual spot to be picked up by bus 29. However, this time bus 29's bike racks were full on the way home as well (this has only happened one other time in over two years). So that meant taking the light rail home followed by bus 23 or 25.
    On light-rail there was a mean old lady who hit me with her cane when my bike bumped her. When approaching my stop, I concentrated on controlling my bike so as not to bump anyone else as I got ready to get off. After getting off of the light-rail I started to climb on my bike and pedal toward my stop, but a RT worker quickly informed me that no bike riding was allowed anywhere around light-rail. I quickly dismounted my bicycle and noticed that my bag was missing. I turned around just as the doors to the passenger cart I was riding in closed and a second later it started moving. My heart sunk as I started walking to the light-rail train and knew that it was not going to stop. I quickly called my wife and explained the situation. She told me to call 321-BUSS; after doing so, I waited at the station for my light-rail passenger cart to come back around. At the appointed time, nearly 30 minutes later, I saw the train coming back. The operator told me that at this time the light-rail train, I had taken earlier, should be on its way back downtown. My mood grew more depresses as I saw this train coming though. I knew the light-rail train I had taken had four passenger carts, the one approaching only had two though. So I took the next light-rail to Watt and I-80, the end of the line, to see if anyone had turned my bag in. After arriving, I asked an RT personnel if my bag was turned in. She got on her radio and asked if my bag had been seen on any of the passenger carts. I felt so silly, if I had known they could have done that earlier, I would have asked the RT personnel to radio my bag missing the minute I realized my bag was gone. In any case, no one had seen a bag and no bag had been turned in. I will be calling the lost and found this coming Tuesday just in case though. The RT attendant also told me that light-rail trains are shortened around 4:30pm. So the short light-rail train I didn't bother searching, was the one I had been riding in after all. After that, I had to ride my bike four miles home where I had lots of time to think about the bad day I had.