Thursday, August 18, 2011

Megan and the Go game

Another board game that my daughter loves is the game Go. This particular board game is different than the usual one, because it uses black and white pegs placed on a 19x19 peg board instead of black and white stones placed on a 19x19 board. Playing this game for the first time my daughter figured out these pegs were stack-able. In short order she created a tall tower made up of a long stacked column of black pegs. I then started adding my white pegs until the column was leaning over quite a ways. I then grabbed the column at the base peg and lifted it into the air. Megan was amazed and squealed, "Let me see, let me see!" Still holding the base peg, I started moving my hand in a tight circle causing the tower of pegs to swing outward in a large circle. Megan could not contain her excitement anymore and her hand lunged for the tower of pegs. Catching hold of the middle of the tower, the column of pegs abruptly stopped circling. With a devious look in her eyes, she yanked straight up on the peg she was holding. To her astonishment, the tower separated into two smaller towers, I was left holding the bottom half and Megan, mouth gaping, was holding the upper half. She quickly recovered and started spinning her tower of pegs, vigorously breaking the tower apart and sending pegs flying. "Do it again." She cried with glee. So we did.
We still play Go to this day, and my daughter continues to loves staking those pegs higher and higher.
Megan is so funny. I love my little girl so much!